Whats the The Best Rice On For Your Specific Needs

Whats The Best Rice On For Your Specific Needs

As one of the most loved dishes around the world, rice is a versatile and delicious ingredient that can suit just about any cuisine. There are hundreds of different types of rice available, and within those different grains there are thousands more varities, so finding the best type of rice to suit any dish you create can be a little more challenging than you might think.

For the average home chef, though, there are some favorites that are versatile enough to suit many different dishes and cuisines. However, rather than heading to the supermarket to get your rice supplies each week, many are now opting for a far easier choice of buying their rice online and in bulk.

Rice Bulk

When you buy rice online, you’re able to benefit from a far greater variety and better quality grains than you’d find in the store, and cooking with this higher quality of rice can have a huge impact on the taste and nutrition of your meals. Before you can choose the best rice for your needs, though, you need to consider what type of rice will suit the dishes you create, how much rice your family will eat, and what is important for you in terms of nutrition and flavor.

We’ve compiled this thorough buying guide to show you some of the top rates rice varieties available, and what you should look for when trying to find the best rice online. Once you find a rice that you and your family enjoy, you’ll benefit in so many ways buying it online thanks to the convenience and quality it offers over supermarket brands.

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​Best Basmati Rice

Best Basmati Rice
Best Basmati Rice #1: Royal Basmati Rice
Best Basmati Rice #2: Tilda Legendary Basmati Rice

​Best Calrose Rice

Best Calrose Rice
Best Calrose Rice #1: Nishiki Premium Rice
Best Calrose Rice #2: Kokohu Rose Rice
est Calrose Rice #3: Botan Calrose Rice

Features To Consider When Buying Rice

You might not realize it, but there’s actually quite a lot that goes into choosing the best rice. As there are so many different styles out there, all with their own unique pros and cons, tastes, and cooking methods, it’s an ingredient that you should pay careful attention to when planning your family’s meals.

Rice can come with varying levels of nutrition, are sourced from all over the world, and require specialized cooking methods, so you need to be sure you’re shopping for the grain that best suits you. With so much more to consider than just the style of rice, you should really understand the different facets of rice so that you’re choosing the best fit for your cooking needs and family’s health.


Where a rice comes from can have a lot of impact on how it tastes and its quality, so make a note where the product is made. This includes where it was sown and grown, as there are some styles that can only be grown in certain areas and climates. A quality rice brand will tell you where it’s from and it should be easily found on the front of the packet.

What is the origin of rice

Fat Levels

Not many people realize it, but each variety of rice has its own fat levels, with some being far healthier for you than others.  As a whole, rice is quite low in fat and ideal for those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, but some styles like Basmati and brown rice are lower in fat than others.

Dietary Requirements

For those who have specific dietary requirements such as following a Kosher diet or only eaten vegan certified foods, you can find rice that suits these if you look carefully. Quality brands will proudly display these certifications so it will make it easier for you to find the one that suits.

Sodium levels

Just as there are varying levels of fat found in rice, so too are there varying levels of sodium. Instant white rice is believed to have some of the highest levels of sodium, so if you’re looking to reduce your intake then you might want to consider some of the healthier grains of rice such as a long or medium grain.


All rice comes with its own subtle variations on taste, so you may need to experiment with a few before you find one that you like. Some are very aromatic whereas others can be quite bland, so it all depends on your preference and how you like to cook with it.

Rice Cooking Wiki


Most rice will be better suited to different types of cuisine, like Indian curries or Japanese sushi. While there are some grains that are great for a range of different uses, if you’re interested in cooking with a specialty then you should be specific. An example of this is Calrose rice, which many believe is ideal for sushi as it’s sticky and medium grain which suits this dish perfectly.

The Benefits Of Ordering Rice Online

Just about any supermarket you go to in America will have at least one brand of rice available, so why are so many people these days buying their rice online? As is the case with ordering anything online, there are plenty of benefits to be found when purchasing your favorite ingredient online, and plenty that can make your life easier and mealtime more enjoyable.

Lower Price

Because most of the rice you purchase online comes in bulk packages of 10lbs or more, you’re able to get it for a much lower price than when you purchase smaller packets through the store. In many cases, you can even get free shipping which means you’re paying nothing extra in terms of freight.


Ordering your rice online means there’s no need to head to the store every time you need to stock up on rice, so it’s a much more convenient way to shop. As an added bonus, when you shop through places like Amazon you can even have an automatic reordering function set up that allows your rice to be automatically placed when your supplies are about to run low.

Fresh Amazon Fresh

Greater Range

When you shop in a supermarket, you’re limited to the choices that they have on the shelves. However, buying rice online gives you access to just about any variety and grain you like, whether it’s authentic Calrose straight from California or an aromatic Basmati from the foothills of the Himalayas.


With just about every type of rice available online, you can shop around for those that are authentic and highly rated. By seeing what others think of certain styles and evaluating their taste and authenticity, you can be sure that buying rice in bulk online will get you the most delicious grain.

For many people, it’s just far more convenient to shop for their groceries online, however, not all types of food are currently available in this format. Rice is one area where you can do your shopping in bulk and ensure you’re getting the best of the best, so all you need to do is decide which your favorite grain of rice is and shop around until you find the best rated brand.

Top Picks For The Best Rice

With literally thousands of different brands and varieties of rice available, you can liken the search for the perfect rice to searching for a needle in a haystack. However, we’ve narrowed down some of our top choices for both the best basmati and best Calrose rice, so that you can stop searching for your favorite grain.

Best Basmati Rice

As one of the world’s most beloved grains of rice, there are so many options available for basmati rice. Here are some of our top picks for the best basmati rice that offers aromatic flavors and delicious taste.

Best Basmati Rice #1: Royal Basmati Rice

When you’re searching for the best rice in the world, you want to put your trust in a brand that is known for sourcing amazing ingredients and delivering the greatest products. The Royal brand is one of these brands, known for creating sauces, grains and teas from exotic regions of the world and delivering them to your doorstep so that you’re able to create the best-tasting food at home.

Royal Basmati Rice comes in a large 15-pound bag which means there’ll be no need to restock anytime soon. This rice is extremely aromatic in flavor and couldn’t be easier to cook, thanks to its high quality. The only real issue that some have found with this particular brand is that the rice arrived in a woven bag and not a plastic one, which can lead to weevils in some cases, however with caution and care this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Royal Basmati Review

Known as America’s number one Basmati rice, you can be certain that you’re buying the best when you choose anything that this brand makes. Their Basmati rice has been sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas and is gluten free and vegan so it suits more dietary requirements than other brands, and there’s no need to feel any guilt as you enjoy it.

Royal take care to age their rice so that it takes on a premium taste and texture, and when cooked you’ll find it extremely fluffy and enjoyable to eat. Investing in this large bag of Basmati from Royal means you don’t need to buy supermarket rice any longer, and you and your family will instantly be able to tell the difference in quality and taste.

Best Basmati Rice #2: Tilda Legendary Basmati Rice

If you take a look in your pantry right now, you’ll probably find at least one product in there from Tilda. This legendary rice brand has been delivering high quality and delicious rice to our tables from all around the world, and their Himalayan sourced Basmati rice is by far their best yet. This 10-pound bag of rice is a little more expensive than some of the other brands, but to devoted fans of Tilda, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

One of the most innovative things about the Tilda brand and how they store their rice is that each bag is made from a durable plastic material and features a zip lock top which means no air or nasty weevils can get inside. When compared to other brands and their bag design, this is definitely the top selling point of the Tilda Basmati 10 pound Rice.

tilda Legendary Rice Dry Basmati Review

The only downfall of this rice is that some of the online reviews claimed it wasn’t as aromatic as they’d hoped for, which is one of the main reasons why people choose Basmati rice. If you prefer your rice with more flavor, you might want to consider shopping around, but for those who like the plainer taste and aromas then you may prefer this.

Overall, the Tilda Legendary Basmati Rice is a breeze to cook, and you’ll find that it comes out fluffier than most other grains you’ve tried. It’s easy to steam and works well with so many different cuisines, making it one of the more versatile rice varieties out there, and even more enjoyable when you know it has the quality that Tilda is known for behind it.

Best Calrose Rice

As America’s number one rice, you probably don’t need to ask what is Calrose rice as you’ve likely already got a packet or two in your pantry. This rice is so versatile and works well with many different cuisines, making it a top choice for home cooks and professional chefs of all backgrounds. Here are our top picks for the best Calrose rice around.

Best Calrose Rice #1: Nishiki Premium Rice

 When you’re looking for the texture and taste that only Calrose can offer, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best of the best. The Nishiki Premium Rice comes in a 15-pound bag and has been sown and grown right in California for the most authentic tasting Calrose you’ll ever find. This premium rice is a number one best seller and it’s easy to taste why when you try it for the first time.

Nishiki Premium Calrose Rice is ideal for everyday consumption and it’s so versatile that you can use it for everything from making authentic sushi to baking a rice pudding, and all those snacks in between. This Calrose is medium grain rice made in California and has been carefully selected to ensure you’re getting the best of the crop.


Some online reviews claim that you should wash this a few extra times compared to other rice to ensure you get the water to run clear, but if you spend a little more time in the preparation you’ll be rewarded with a better tasting and feeling rice. This rice cooks perfectly and is ideal for a number of different meals, with many customers stating that they enjoy it at least a few times a week.

With the price of Nishiki Premium Calrose Rice being just over $1 for a pound, you won’t be able to get value like this anywhere else, so it’s certainly worth the cost. Having such high quality and good tasting rice at home means you’ll be more likely to create wholesome and nutritious foods for the family, so it’s an investment that you can’t pass up.

Best Calrose Rice #2: Kokohu Rose Rice

When you only want the most authentic rice in your kitchen, you’ll know just how important it is to source your Calrose direct from California. Kokohu Rose Rice is a unique blend that’s been sown and grown right in California, and it’s intended to be medium grain rice variety that can be used for many different dishes and cuisines.

Kokoho Rose comes in a 15-pound bag, and although Calrose is usually a medium grain rice, this one is a little on the short side. Although it doesn’t affect its taste and actually makes it better for meals like sushi, if you are looking for a medium grain or longer you’ll want to look elsewhere. This rice may be a little shorter, but it still presents with the sticky texture that you’re used to with Calrose, so you aren’t missing anything out in the taste or texture factor.

Kokuho Rose Rice Review

Many of the online reviews state that this type of Calrose tastes closest to Korean and Japanese rice, so if you’re looking for something that suits that taste you’ll be pleased to have found this. Best of all, it’s kosher certified so people of all backgrounds can enjoy it,  and every single grain has been sown and grown right here in the United States.

The Kokohu Rose Rice comes in a convenient zip lock bag which means it stays fresh and keeps the nasty bugs out in between use, which is a great feature to have when compared to standard bulk rice bags. If you’re looking for a Calrose that tastes especially Asian, the Kokohu Rose Rice might be right up your alley.

Best Calrose Rice #3: Botan Calrose Rice

For those families who look for value in their shopping, you’ll be very happy to know that you don’t have to sacrifice on taste if you spend less. Botan Calrose Rice is one of the most popular in America, and it has thousands of satisfied customers who gladly buy it in bulk to save some money, without giving up the authentic Calrose taste and texture.

Botan Calrose Rice is a little shorter than a medium grain which makes it the ideal rice for Asian cuisines, so if you regularly cook Japanese style meals you’ll want to put this in your next dish. Once cooked, Botan Calrose Rice has a sticky and firm finish so you’ll never have to worry about that gluggy rice that is found in most supermarkets.

Botan Calrose Rice Review

This rice comes in two sizes of either 15lbs or 20lbs, depending on how much you and your family go through, however, there are quite a few of the online customers who wish it was packaged a little more thoughtfully. The large bag it comes in might be okay for shipping, but it doesn’t reseal well and is prone to all the nasty bugs which like to snack on delicious rice such as this. To keep it longer, you should transfer to something airtight when it arrives so that your money doesn’t go to waste.

Many online customers love how this rice cooks compared to others, stating that there’s no need to clean it excessively just to get it tasting perfect. It’s kosher certified and completely naturally sourced from California, so it has the tick of approval if you’re looking for an authentic Calrose that will suit just about any meal you desire.

The Final Say

The average household in America, no matter their background or dietary requirements, will enjoy rice in their meals at least once a week. When you consider just how many rice meals we have each year, it makes sense to put a little more thought into the rice that we choose for our family and friends.

With so many delicious varieties of rice available, it was hard to come up with just one that’s the best of the bunch, but there seemed to be some clear winners. Our top choice for the best Basmati rice is the Royal Basmati which comes in the 15-pound bag, as it has the most aromatic flavor and is the simplest to cook to perfection. The best Calrose rice variety comes from Nishiki with their premium Calrose, as this is the most affordable and best tasting of this grain that stays true to the Calrose style.

Being able to purchase bulk bags of rice online has so many benefits, provided you’re choosing a quality rice. This not only saves the average American family hundreds of dollars of their lifetime compared to purchasing supermarket rice but ensures you’re getting the very best quality and authenticity, no matter the variety or grain of rice you choose.

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