Cuckoo HZ0683F Electric Rice Cooker Review

Cuckoo HZ0683F Electric Rice Cooker Review

If you plan on cooking a lot of rice or want to make the dinner prep process easier, you should look into a rice cooker. Modern models have advanced features and digital sensors and settings to ensure that you'll never have over or undercooked rice again.

Fortunately, the Cuckoo Electric Rice Cooker does just that. Because of its intuitive design, the cooker requires only a few cups of rice and a press of a button.

Get ready to read this review as we show you everything that makes this rice cooker so special.

Review: Cuckoo Electric Rice Cooker

Technical Specs:

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    ​IH (Introduction Heating) Programmable Rice Cooker
    IH (Introduction Heating) Programmable Rice Cooker
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    ​Intelligent Cooking Algorithm
    Intelligent Cooking Algorithm
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    ​304 Stainless Steel
    304 Stainless Steel
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    ​6 Cups Uncooked
    6 Cups Uncooked
CRP-HZ0683F Cuckoo Review


If you're looking for a high-quality rice cooker and don't know what to choose, look into the Cuckoo Electric Rice Cooker. It can cook multiple dishes such as meat, steamed stew, rice cake, and much more. This cooker is available on Amazon at a price under $400. 

This rice cooker can cook up to 6 cups of uncooked rice, which makes it ideal for households and families with plenty of people. Thus, making it a reliable rice cooker in your kitchen and is perfect for larger meals.

With a single look, you'll be able to tell that this rice cooker has a lot of interesting functions. We also like the rice cooker because it has a modern design and a clean interface. This allows the user to navigate all of its functions with ease.

Also, the rice cooker has an intelligent cooking algorithm, which gives the device a huge advantage over its competitors because it automatically cooks the food for you. For beginners, this device is easy to use and allows you to cook rice without too much effort.

Plus, this device is very durable and is built to last. For example, it's made out of 304 stainless steel, which is a food grade steel that's sturdy and rust resistant. In fact, it comes with a detachable inner lid to clean the cooker even faster.

What you get inside the cuckoo

Lastly, the Cuckoo Electric Rice Cooker comes with a set of programmable features. This allows you to cook your rice effectively without wasting time repeatedly setting your preferred settings. Making it an excellent choice for users who want an automatic rice cooker in their home.

Shoppers across the board complained about the design of the buttons on the device. For example, they found issues with the cancel button; this made it harder for users to use the rice cooker efficiently. If this ever occurs, feel free to return the device to Cuckoo for a replacement.

Despite its one issue, the Cuckoo Electric Rice Cooker is a high-end rice cooker that's a great addition to your kitchen. It has an attractive and sleek design and has a larger cooking capacity than competing products. Buy this rice cooker if you want to create interesting meals for you and your family.

Buying Advice

Heres some simple buying advice:

What Features Do You Need?

You need to assess the features of your rice cooker before making a purchase. It boils down to you asking yourself these questions:

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    ​Do you plan on cooking a variety of rice?
    Do you plan on cooking a variety of rice?
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    ​Do you use old rice or pre washed rice with rinse?
    Do you use old rice or pre washed rice with rinse?
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    ​Can you find the nuances in the texture of your rice?
    Can you find the nuances in the texture of your rice?
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    ​Is cooking faster a critical factor for you?
    Is cooking faster a critical factor for you?

Ask these questions and look for a rice cooker who can fulfill your needs. You can either opt for a simple cooker or pay extra for one with more computerized and automated set up.


For instance, Rice cookers with digital controls will have a timer that assists the user in prep cooking. The timer will tell you to switch on the device at the right time and tells you how long it takes until the meal is ready. Make sure your rice cooker comes with this feature to ensure your rice remains perfect each time you use it.

How Often Do You Plan On Cooking Rice?

With the large selection of rice cookers and the wide price range, you'll have to determine how often you're going to cook rice. A simple rice cooker is all you need if you plan on cooking white rice occasionally.

For the rice cooking aficionado, you should look into rice cookers with a microprocessor, induction heating, and other useful rice settings.

Is It Clean And Easy To Use?

Overall, rice cookers are simple and not complicated to use. The hardest part would be to find out the Menu setting. Every manufacturer provides a User Manual, or even better, some have videos that teach you how to take care and properly use the rice cooker.

Cleaning your rice cooker is a breeze in comparison to cleaning with a pot that has rice stuck on the bottom. With a non-stick inner pan, you only have to soak the pan with water and use a kitchen brush to remove the rice.

How Many People Do You Plan On Feeding?

Rice cookers come in various cooking capacities that's measured in cups of rice. As a rule of thumb, the ratio between your uncooked rice and cooked rice is 1 to 2. Make sure to cook at least one cup of (uncooked) rice for each person.

Family Rice

Rice cookers have a capacity range of 1 to 10 cups. Anything cooker that's above that number is used for commercial purposes.

For single owners to small families (2-3 people), we suggest that you get a 3-cup rice cooker. For medium sized families (4-6 people), 5-cup rice cookers are the appropriate choice for you. If you have more than six members of your family, then consider getting a 10-cup rice cooker.


The Cuckoo HZ0683F Electric Rice Cooker is one of the best rice cookers money can buy. It has automated features such as a digital timer, and an algorithm that can efficiently cook rice by itself. Purchase this rice cooker today if you're serious about preparing your food the right way.

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