Rice Cooker: Which is the best of 2021?

Welcome to ReviewBox! On this occasion we will be letting you know which are the best rice cookers that you can find in the wide and competitive market of kitchen items.

This type of pot is a household appliance that is generally used to make rice, although many things can be cooked with it. They work by plugging into a socket and letting it heat up for a certain time. Thanks to the action of a meter, she alone identifies when whatever you are doing is ready.

At ReviewBox we work diligently to collect and process all the information you may need. In this way we guarantee that, once you finish reading, you have enough knowledge to make an intelligent acquisition. With this you will avoid annoying returns or disappoint you after having the product.


First the most important

This item is a kitchen tool that uses electrical energy to heat your pot. Once at the doneness point, and having finished preparing what is being cooked, it turns off or enters the heater mode.

There are three types: for sushi, multipurpose or mini. The former are huge and professional, so they are also more expensive; the second, more humble, can be used for many foods, while the minis are used to prepare express things.

Who made the product, how much energy it consumes both to function and to generate heat, as well as the extra things that can come with it, are extremely important. It is advisable to detail these points before buying.


Ranking: The 3 best rice cookers

One of the things that matter most when choosing an item is the ability to compare. By doing so, you will be able to contrast what advantages and disadvantages all those of the same range have. Thinking about it, we made the following selection.

This impressive rice cooker has different cooking modes, not just for grains. With your Aroma Professional you will be able to make from stews to soups, since the equipment comes with several renderers that account for the cooking process according to the content. Thanks to that it has a versatility far superior to that of others in the same range.

Its dimensions are 31 x 30.7 x 31 centimeters and it weighs 3.9 kilograms. This overweight is due to the fact that, in its internal constitution, it has many more mechanisms than others. That is why it has such a variety of modes and is so versatile when preparing food.

2nd Place – Black + Decker

Black + Decker is what every customer, who wants an appliance of this type, requires. Not only does it have a cooking function dedicated entirely to rice, but it also has a heating mode that allows them to keep them warm for a long time. With this function you will avoid having to put your food in the microwave or oven.

Its size is 25.4 x 22.9 x 19 centimeters and it weighs 1.7 kilograms. It is made of stainless steel, so there is no problem with it receiving humidity even when preparing food. Its surface prevents grease from sticking to it, so it is also extremely easy to clean.

3rd Place – Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach is a renowned company that has devoted its entire life to the creation of appliances. It is, of all the options, the most reliable thanks to its long history and the globally recognized efficiency of its products. This rice cooker is also probably the one with the best quality-cost ratio.

It has a size of 30 x 30 x 23.6 centimeters and weighs 2.8 kilograms, being relatively heavy. This is because it has a basket for steaming and its stainless steel alloys. Its resistance allows it to be washed in the dishwasher.


Shopping guide

The best way to make a good decision when buying something is to have everything related to the product at hand. In addition to comparing, in order to fully access complete information, you will need to know what the article is about and what benefit you can get from its virtues. That is why we offer you this section.

What is a rice cooker?

A rice cooker is an electric cooker that works by connecting its cord to an outlet. Once this is done, depending on the mode that is being used, it will begin to heat up following a certain cooking process. Depending on what you cook, she will determine the time necessary for it to be ready and will notify you once it is finished.

Despite its name, thanks to its functionality there are many things that can be done with it. From the predictable rice to stews, beans, pasta and even some come with a mode to make soups. Thanks to all these benefits, they have become indispensable in homes, where it makes work a lot easier for the user.

What are the advantages of a rice cooker?

Its main advantages are to save time for the person who cooks, since the attention that should be paid to the preparation if it is done in a traditional way, is reduced. You just leave the pot working while you take care of other things, from housework to work.

In addition, they are also great power savers, depending on the case. This is thanks to its prolonged heating function, which keeps food warm without using the microwave, which consumes more light. This depends on the type of product that is used.

Mini or Multipurpose Sushi Rice Cooker – What Should You Pay Attention to?

There is not much diversity of types of appliances in this range. However, 3 main ones can be distinguished. It is important that you study them well, since although none is better than another, their functionality is totally different. That is why it is important that you take them into account.

Rice cooker for sushi. They are large pots that modulate the steam more than the temperature itself. In this way they manage to “dehydrate” the rice without making it too soft, giving it that consistency similar to that of a cookie that is typically used to accompany Japanese fish. They are significantly more expensive than others.

Multipurpose rice cooker. More than the product itself, what can diversify how you use your equipment are some of the extra things that come with it. An example of this are the baskets. But in addition to that, the most ambitious and useful have different “modes”, well for stews, roasts and even soups.

Mini rice cooker. These small appliances are recommended for two things: either to take to the office and use it to prepare your food there, or to make express meals, in times of urgency. They cook extremely quickly, so they probably consume more energy than others, despite their size.

How much does a rice cooker cost?

It is important to begin this section by clarifying that these are the type of products whose price does have a direct impact on their efficiency. That is, the more expensive it is, the more benefits and benefits it will probably have. In addition to that, the variables they present also have a lot to do with their cost.

For example, the models destined for sushi can be between 4,600 MXN and 1,200 MXN, as the case may be. The minis are very cheap, with a solvency of between 500 MXN and 600 MXN. Some versions reach 1,000 MXN. On the other hand, those that are multipurpose are usually between 1,000 MXN and 2,000 MXN.

However, if the person wants a normal one, there are 500 MXN and 800 MXN, with peaks that reach 1,000 MXN according to the manufacturer. But it is advised that, if you are going to opt for one of that price, you choose multipurpose.

Where to buy a rice cooker?

The first thing to think about when purchasing one of these products is individuals, the large consortia that you can find near your own neighborhood. Good examples in this case are Best Buy, Crab Electronics, Mercantil del Hogar, Ichigo Store, Bosh Appliances or Servi Max.

Department stores have all kinds of electronic items that you might need. Therefore, it is always recommended to review spaces such as Liverpool, Soriana, Palacio de Hierro, Coppe, Sears, Chedraui or Wal-Mart.

However, the best are the online buying and selling sites. In them you will have complete information on the article of your interest, but there is also great interactivity between users, with rating systems and comments according to its impact. Examples of this are Mercado Libre, Amazon México or EBay.


Purchase criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of rice cookers

There are a number of details that can alter the personality of the property you wish to acquire. These, although they seem second-rate, in reality greatly affect the pleasure or annoyance that it may produce once you have it in your hands. For this reason, it is responsible that you carry out a review of this data.

Thinking about avoiding inconveniences after buying, below we offer you a list of those that have the greatest impact on rice cookers. When purchasing one, check the following points:

  • Maker
  • Voltage
  • Wattage
  • Accessories


One of the vital things when evaluating an appliance, which serves as a cover letter to convey confidence, is who made it. And in the case of this product, its best creators are the following:

Aroma Professional. Long-standing American company making things like this. In its production line there are not only rice cookers, but also other items such as shredders or blenders.

Hamilton Beach. It is probably one of the most famous brands of its kind in the world. Their recognition is the best guarantee that what you buy with them will last several years. On the other hand, they make all kinds of these pots; from multipurpose to minis.

Black + Decker. Well-known American company that is dedicated to the creation of electronic goods, especially kitchen ones. They are quite important in the United States and have recently entered Latin America.

Oster. Another important manufacturer of this type of article. Its range of creations ranges from small mini rice cookers to large dryers. For their years in the market and their experience they are quite reliable.

While these are the most prestigious brands and fragrances, there are also other brands. It is worth mentioning among these Tristar, Phillips, Zojirushi and Aroma. These may not be as popular, but they still offer good quality products at lower costs.


This electrical measurement serves to quantify the capacity of the equipment in question. That is, how much the pot is capable of “doing” through its performance. Depending on how high it is, it will have more or less heat. That is why those that serve multiple uses often require a higher one.

Observing the voltage of your equipment is important in determining how long, more or less, it will take to cook. Although this is one of the aspects that they frequently announce up front, considering their measure in this aspect is good to be certain of it.


Unlike the previous one, this quantification directly refers to the electricity consumption of the product. That is, it is a way of measuring how much energy it needs to work, to make its gears start moving.

Depending on how high it is, the electricity bill may be higher. Although pots of this type in general are not that they consume too much, this is a point that each client must consider on his own side according to what his expectations are.


This point is quite important because the multipurpose condition of many computers depends on it. And it is that if it lacks some elements and incidentally does not have different cooking modes, it cannot be considered “multi”. Among the most important extras are:

Basket. This is placed opposite to the position of the rice cooker, making a kind of “filter” between it and the lid. It is useful for steaming food, so it is used to make vegetables or for stews.

Measurer. It is a container that quantifies the amount of water or rice it has inside. It is not extremely important since it does not directly affect the functionality of the item, but it does help the person who is learning to cook a lot.