Rice cookers catalog to buy online

I have wanted to write about my experience with electric rice cookers for a long time since after several trial and error experiments, some returns and failures, in the end I have been able to take advantage of this product. I have found that it is a more than suitable device to have in your life.

You want me to tell you? Well, keep reading because today you are going to learn everything about rice cookers, you are going to be the envy of the neighborhood with so much knowledge on the subject. Attentive we start:

How to select the right rice cooker

When I intend to buy a new product that I don’t know a bit about, I have a habit of looking and looking, and comparing one another, asking my friends, etc. For the same reason, and thinking of you, my readers, I have lovingly made this selection of rice cookers, because I know how well more than one will be able to cook rice.


Advantages and disadvantages of using an electric rice cooker

To begin with and as you may have heard more than once, you don’t have to buy the most famous brand, or the cheapest model, but everything is relative because the important thing in the end is the quality / price factor. But this is only a starting point, now we are going to comment on others:

  • For example, the design of its finishes is increasingly taken into account. If we think that these devices are going to accompany us in our day to day, what less have a modern and beautiful appearance, right?
  • These appliances strictly comply with all safety measures since they incorporate certain anti-opening mechanisms to prevent the compartment from opening before cooking has finished. Or due to an oversight we have not closed the lid properly, the system will automatically block it.
  • Some of the models detailed here include a practical plastic spoon. And others a container glass with a grid to expel the steam and excess water but most are very compact and do not need more utensils.
  • The size in this case I relate more to the capacity, that is to say to the volume of food that they allow us to cook. Taking this into account, in rice cookers the range varies between those that allow a capacity of 1 liter such as the Tristar and others that reach up to 2.5 liters. But here I make an observation: Do you know how much rice you can make with 2-odd liters? Yes, a lot …
  • Take into account the economic part of the matter, that is, how much money from the family economy you want to allocate to the purchase of this product and if what you are going to pay will be worth the advantages and comforts that it brings you.


These are the best-selling rice cookers

Russell Hobbs Cook @ Home 19270-56 – Steamer.

Up to three stackable / independent containers, achieve a total capacity of 9 liters.

Its cooking system produces a healthy kitchen that preserves all the vitamins

1 liter container to prepare rice

Side water inlets to add more liquid during cooking and a tray to collect the excess water.

Brushed-effect stainless steel base

Timer up to 60 minutes with automatic shut-off function


Oster CKSTRC4723-050 0.6 Liter Rice Cooker

New design in red and refractory glass lid.

6-cup, 0.6-liter capacity.

Compact design and small size, it takes up little space.

Steam expulsion system to avoid overcooking of food.

Removable tray.

350 watt power


Tristar – Rice cooker, silver color

It takes up little space, it fits in any closet.

You will always eat rice loose and to the perfect point of doneness.

Includes the function of keeping food warm and loose once cooked

It is safe and easy to clean, the interior is removable and has a non-stick finish.

0.6 liter capacity. And 300 watts of power.


Russell Hobbs – Steamer and Rice Cooker

The MaxiCook rice cooker cooks up to 14 cups of rice, a large 5-liter container.

The rice is loose, fluffy and just right.

Accessories: spatula, basket for steaming rice, measuring cup

Non-stick glass and glass lid.

Keep warm function

1000 watt power rice cooker


The brands of rice cookers preferred by users

Clatronic rice cookers

It turns out that I recently discovered this German brand, which apparently has been around for more than a century. Lately it has quite a presence in our national market. It is a large German manufacturer that sells hundreds of products from different categories of home. In this specific case, it stands out for manufacturing good rice cookers with a multitude of functions and they give us a good guarantee. By the way, you can also find these same products in another brand that they market called Bornmann.


Russell Hobbs Rice Cookers

If there is another of the brands that has grown the most in recent years in the household appliances sector, it is Russell Hobbs, which stands out for being one of the largest in Europe in this sector. This English manufacturer of coffee makers, bread makers or plates, also produces very good quality rice cookers. They present a current aesthetic and a pleasant design. Technologically, these are products that are very well arranged for their purpose.


Tristar Rice Cookers

Present in more than 30 countries, this company has been marketing small electrical appliances for more than 50 years. With their products they cover the needs of the culinary sector, as well as other ranges of products for the home. Their models show a good design and sufficient quality, as is the case in front of us. It is a brand that dedicates a lot of effort to technologically innovate and incorporate new functions in the devices that are being released to the market.


What is the best rice cooker on the market?

At this point in the analysis, I think I should opt for one of the two models that I have in mind. And I am between the Reishunger and the Russel Hobbs, both have good things, but for reasons of capacity and power I would finally choose the Russell Hobbs.

I must say that I have also taken into account many Amazon user reviews to help me decide. Here you have it:

Russell Hobbs Cook @ Home 19750-56

Container made of stainless steel finished with a polished effect, non-stick interior.

Complements: measuring cup, a 1.8 l capacity bucket, steam cooking tray and spatula.

Automatic shutdown and temperature maintenance function.

Glass top and removable cable: can be taken to the table.

Maximum power 700 watts


How does a rice cooker work?

Basically what a rice cooker does is boil the water necessary to cook the rice, but with millimeter accuracy since it has a digital time and temperature control system. In addition to having sensors to know when the water runs out or if there is a lot of steam.

The result they offer is much better than the one we follow in the traditional way since everything can happen to us, time may run out, or we have miscalculated the water. Even if the type of rice we use varies, basmati, bomba or rendondo, the rice cooker is ready to cook it well.


Main functionalities of a rice cooker

Almost all of them, if not all, have a digital panel on which the basic cooking can be programmed. Also through this control screen you can adjust times and temperatures.

Apart from this, it is important that you choose a rice cooker that has a non-stick coating, and that at least includes the automatic disconnection function for safety reasons obviously.

Another function to keep in mind is that they maintain the temperature for a while after finishing, to be able to eat the hot rice.

In addition to the cooking programs, it is interesting that they include the steam cooking system, since with it, delicious rice finishes are achieved, well loose and with a perfect texture.


How much does a rice cooker cost?

The cost of a rice cooker can range from € 20 to € 50, but the price also depends on whether you can buy a good quality product or, on the contrary, buy something that does not meet your expectations. Because as we all know, at a higher cost (usually) higher quality, while at a lower price we will have fewer functions and more humble materials.

The cheapest rice cookers are around € 20 and if this is your spending limit, keep in mind that you will be taking a basic model, but good at the guarantee level since all of them must give you the minimum set by law.

If you want to make a safe purchase, logically you will have to make a larger outlay, sometimes up to € 50-100. But on the other hand, you know that you take home a great device with the latest features.


Where can you buy a rice cooker?

Amazon Rice Cookers:

It could be said that it is the most famous online store in the world and surely we are not wrong. It has the most complete catalog of rice cookers, with a multitude of promotions and good options for fast and cheap shipping. You will also see in almost all rice cookers customer ratings giving their personal opinion.

Rice cookers at Lidl:

Many users recommend purchasing here because it is an online supermarket that has a wide variety of kitchen and food products, although its variety of references is not the widest, it is one of the best options.

Rice cookers in Carrefour:

Many of the rice cookers sold here are quite affordable, so it will not be difficult to find the specific model of quality and price that you are looking for so much.

Rice cookers in Media Markt:

Buying products at Mediamarkt is simple because you can order it online and pick it up at your physical store near your home. They usually send anywhere in our country and offer various payment methods among other amenities.

Rice cookers in El Corte Inglés:

A large part of the aforementioned products are found in this online store, at an appropriate price since here you will see the most advanced brands. Its department specialized in electronics and small household and kitchen appliances is very complete.

Rice cookers in Worten:

This network of supermarkets stands out for having in its catalog many products at low prices, but also for this reason you can find the mid-range or low-end brands here. While if you are looking for something more qualified you may have to opt for one of the above.


Questions and answers about rice cookers

  • Are they easy to clean?

Yes, generally with tap water and a sponge soaked in soap is enough. Outside it can be passed with a damp cloth.

  • Is the container removable?

In most models, the inner glass can be removed to wash it comfortably in the tap. Some even allow you to put it in the dishwasher.

  • Can other foods be cooked?

I would not use it without being totally sure for other culinary elaborations, since the thermostats and timers are designed for rice.


These rice cookers have evolved a lot and are easy to use together with a great design and the average quality of these models is very high. And most importantly: the doneness of the rice is perfect. I can definitely recommend buying a rice cooker.