Royal Basmati Rice Review

Royal Basmati Rice Review

Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, you know just how important it is to have high-quality ingredients for everything you make, and that means even the most basic ingredients too. As one of the most used and loved foods in the world, rice is in so many of our favorite dishes from entrees to mains, and even desserts, but more often than not we’re happy to use subpar rice to make our food.

When you think about how often you use rice, it’s a wonder that we don’t invest more time into finding quality rice that has been sourced from the best places, and rice that will make our dishes pop. Not only is rice from the supermarket subpar, but it can be costly when you add up how much you buy, so you need to find a better solution.

Royal is a leading brand in the world of fine foods, and their Basmati Rice offers a solution for your rice problems of the past. This is a high quality, authentic, and affordable bulk package of rice, and there’s no need to head to the supermarket and wait in line just to enjoy it. The results are better than anything you’ll buy in the store, and because it’s such a large quantity you only need to stock up every year or so.

Royal Basmati Rice Wide Review

When you make an effort to choose the very best ingredients for your cooking, not only will it taste phenomenally better, but it will be far easier to create with as well. Something as simple as investing in quality rice like Royal Basmati will have countless benefits for your cooking and meal time, so there’s no reason to settle for anything less anymore.

About The Royal Basmati Rice 15 Pound Bag

Royal is a well-known name in the world of gourmet food, with many different products coming from exotic regions around the globe. For years, they’ve created premium grains, sauces, and teas from all over the world, and their range of rice are some of the best and most affordable around. The Royal Basmati rice comes in a massive 15-pound bag so there’s more than enough to keep you and your family going, and every grain has been sourced with absolute quality in mind.

This naturally gluten-free and vegan rice is great for people with all diet requirements, and it can be used for meals from breakfast through to dessert. When you purchase the Royal Basmati rice, you’ll be getting:

  • ​Huge 15lbs bag that would suit commercial or personal kitchens
  • ​Vegan-friendly and gluten-free
  • ​Rice sourced directly from the Himalayas
  • ​Premium aged rice and naturally aromatic
  • ​Delicate tasting and fluffy when cooked;
Basmati Rice

​If you’re looking for versatile rice, Basmati is the number one choice. When cooked, this rice is fluffy and aromatic and it suits a number of cuisines from around the world. When you add to that the absolute quality of the Royal brand, you’ll get a rice like you’ve never tasted before and meals like you never thought you could experience.

Pros and Cons of the Royal Basmati Rice

By far the best thing about Royal Basmati Rice is how well it cooks when compared to other Basmati brands available. If you’re used to buying your rice at the store and adding it to meals, you’ll be amazed at the huge difference it makes to add something quality such as Royal Basmati. Best of all, you don’t need to venture to the shops to get it as it can be delivered straight to your door.

Royal Basmati Review

The only real downfall that some people mentioned is that the rice didn’t come in a plastic bag as some of the pictures have shown. These bags are traditional rice bags which might suit some, however, others have mentioned that they’re more prone to weevils. However, if you prefer something plastic you might be able to transfer it once it arrives, so it’s all down to personal taste.

If you’re a home cook or professional chef who likes their rice fluffy, you’ll want to invest in the Royal Basmati Rice brand. Once cooked, this rice will become so thick and fluffy compared to other rice you might have used in the past, and it gets a great aromatic flavor through it when cooked as well.

How to Buy Royal Basmati Rice

If you’re ready to stop heading to the store every time you need rice, you can get the massive 15lbs bag of Royal Basmati Rice from Amazon for the best price. When you purchase it through the online shopping portal, you’ll pay under $20 which is exceptional value when you consider just how many delicious meals you can make out of it.

The best thing about shopping online and purchasing your Royal Basmati Rice is that Amazon will ship the rice straight to your door for no extra charge. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you can even get it sent with their express option for no cost as well, which means you’ll have your rice delivered to your doorstep within two days.

The Final Say

If you’re someone who takes their cooking seriously or just likes a good deal on their ingredients for the best quality, you’ll be seriously impressed with the Royal Basmati 15lbs Rice Bag. This is one of the most aromatic and fluffy rice varieties you’ll ever find, and you’ll be amazed at just how much it can transform your everyday meals.

To stop traveling to the supermarket every time you need some rice and invest in a bulk pack of some of the nicest tasting rice you’ve ever had, click here to purchase the Royal Basmati Rice bag. You’ll be amazed at just how much difference one simple ingredient can make, and the amazing flavors you’ll get from a bag of rice.

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