The 5 Best Rice Cookers to Cook at Home in 2021

Thinking of a good broth or Cuban rice, it makes our mouths water, and if we also have the best rice cooker at home to prepare them, we can assure that we will get some dishes to lick your fingers.

The key to these recipes is knowing how to give the point to the rice without it sticking to us, but one of two, or you have a lot of hand when cooking or you do it helping yourself with these latest generation automatic pans.

There are many of them, so we have prepared this post focusing on the best. We are going to see what they consist of, how they work and the advantages that are obtained with their use, among other things. We started …

Here are our 5 recommendations! More info in the opinions.


1.Tristar RK-6129 Rice Cooker – In the sales header

We kick off with the Tristar RK-6129, or what is the same, the best-selling rice cooker on the market. A 2.2 liter pot, but also available with 0.6, and 1.5 liters.

This machine has 900 watts of power and is designed to prepare rice to taste easily and quickly for up to 15 people, making it ideal for large families.

Made of durable and resistant stainless steel, the Tristar has an elegant design and, once the rice is finished, the keep warm function (between 70 and 75  C) is activated automatically, allowing it to be kept for hours at a time.

Another of its advantages is its easy cleaning, since the non-stick coating of the removable tray will prevent the rice from sticking. But there are many more things that make it a favorite of the majority, and it is that this pot has non-slip feet, includes a spoon, spatula and measure, protection against boiling in dry, automatic shutdown system, indicator lights and on / off switch.

In addition, this kitchen gadget, which weighs 2.9 kilos, comes with a 24-month warranty.


2.Oster CKSTRC4723 – 050 – At the price of any pot

To get one of these pans you do not have to make a very large outlay, because in the market there are quite a few cheap rice cookers to choose from. And the Oster CKSTRC4723-050 is the best example of this.

With a beautiful design in red, this model has the function of keeping warm rice. Through some LED lights we can check if the rice is ready and if it has already entered heating mode.

This pot has a removable 0.6 liter non-stick pan and a removable steam tray for easy cleaning. Its refractory glass lid with ventilation prevents overcooking of food.

It has a weight of 1.7 kilos, measures 25.2 x 23.2 x 22.4 cm and 350 watts of power. Although it is comfortable to use and store due to its size, precisely that factor works against it when it comes to cooking for many people, and that is that this rice cooker does not provide for more than 6 servings.


3.Cuisinart CRC – 800 – A kettle second to none

Are you interested in knowing which are the best rice cookers in every way? Well, don’t miss out on this third model either, because the Cuisinart CRC-800 comes complete, no matter where you look.

From the outset, it has in its design a non-stick and removable tempered glass bowl, a drainer to wash the rice before its preparation and a transparent glass lid as well. The capacity of this model is equivalent to 1 liter, enough to offer a service to 3 or 4 people.

Another of its qualities is the programming of the rice, and that is that we can tell this pot the exact time we want it to start up. Once the cooking is finished, it will keep the rice warm for as long as we want until it is time to plate it, so it will always be hot.

As it is coated with non-stick material, its cleaning is very easy (also possible in a dishwasher). For its part, stainless steel prolongs its life and ensures that it never rusts during use.

This Cuisinart rice cooker also has other extras like cool exterior walls and an on / off button.


4.Russel Hobbs 19270 – 56 – A multi-purpose saucepan

Now we are going to the Russel Hobbs house, the owner of a rice cooker that is distinguished by a structure that allows to steam up to three different dishes simultaneously.

The trick? This model is equipped with three stackable bowls of three liters each and a system to be able to add water while it is in operation, so that you can give it to your liking.

Therefore, it cooks rice, vegetables and fish steamed, keeping in any case the maximum of nutrients and vitamins of the food. Its bucket is 1 liter, weighs just 1 kilo and its dimensions are 27.5 x 27.5 x 25.5 cm. As for power, it stands at 800 watts.

The base of this rice cooker is made of brushed stainless steel and its trays are made of transparent plastic. Other of its attractions are the timer of up to 60 minutes with automatic disconnection system and the tray to collect the excess water.


5.Russel Hobbs Cook @ home

We end up with another model from the same firm, characterized by its elegance and resistance, and with a capacity of 1.8 liters (for approximately ten medium servings).

This electric rice cooker is even suitable for making sushi and includes a removable tray for steaming. Thanks to its stainless steel housing and glass lid, it keeps the heat perfectly.

It has 700 watts of power, a keep warm function, spatula and measuring cup, as well as a removable cord to put it directly on the table.


What are rice cookers?

Basically, a rice cooker is a saucepan used mainly to make rice, but today there are electric versions, which are the ones we are focusing on in this review. There are also variants for microwave or gas ovens.

In any case, these modern pans cook it automatically using the steam produced by heating the water. They are devices that usually consist of two superimposed trays, of which the lower one is for water and the upper one for rice.

They are in charge of controlling both the heat and the cooking time, so that we will only have to worry about inserting the ingredients, programming them and waiting with a fork in hand to have our delicious food ready.


What must be taken into account when buying rice cookers?

Surely reading our comparison you have wanted to go out without further delay to buy a machine to cook rice. Good idea, but don’t forget to keep these things in mind when you have them all ahead:

  • Capacity- Depending on the number of diners

How many are you at home? 2, 3, 5 people? We have small electric rice cookers with 0.6 liters capacity, but there are also large rice cookers, with buckets from 1.5

Most of these utensils show their capacity in raw rice, but it is already known that in the end its volume doubles. Let us keep this question in mind.

  • The price – That is according to its functionality

The price range is quite extensive, so we will find some cheap rice cookers that cost 20-30 euros, but there are also high-end models that can go up to 100 euros. Everything will depend on the budget and the needs of each one, always seeking a balance between price and quality.


  • Cleaning- To avoid wasting time after eating

Let’s put ourselves as we get, this is another important factor, and that is that it would have little grace if all the help that these devices provide us were transformed into an odyssey when cleaning them.

In this regard, the ideal is to look for a model whose bucket is made of non-stick materials, such as Teflon, which will prevent the rice from sticking, making it easier to clean. On the other hand, we will also pay attention to the fact that this container is removable.


  • Hot Food Preservation Function – Practical Matter

This is something quite interesting. If you want to buy a good rice cooker, look for those that have the possibility of keeping their contents warm (at about 70o), since this way you can leave the rice in it while you finish other tasks in the kitchen or set the table. These pots keep the heat for about 5 hours.


  • How it works- Because not all are the same

It is undoubtedly another of the characteristics that we should not overlook before going through the checkout, since not all use the same system. Seen from that angle, there are programmable rice cookers that indicate when we want to have the rice prepared. It will be a matter of adjusting it at that time, and voila. Likewise, there are them with other pluses such as the regulation of cooking intensity.


  • Advantages of having an electric rice cooker at home

Well, by now it has become clear in general terms the game that these small appliances give us when putting on the apron and getting into the kitchen to be a chef. Even so, we are going to make a list of all its advantages:


  • They save time, since you do not have to be aware of cooking. It is only necessary to enter the ingredients and these will cook automatically.
  • In them, the rice is made the same, regardless of whether the grains are located at the base of the tray or on its surface.
  • These machines can keep rice warm for hours. What’s more, 24 hours later, we will still find it warm.
  • They are not very expensive. We have already commented that there are countless models, so there will always be one that fits the needs and pocket of each person.
  • The interior of the rice cookers is easy to read, that is, a dry rice marker and the water line can be seen with the naked eye, so that the subject is limited to simply filling and turning it on.
  • There is a great variety of good pots for rice (and not for rice exclusively), with different capacities, designs and colors, to be able to adapt to the needs and particular tastes of each one.
  • Due to their size, they do not weigh, so we can move them without problems inside their box wherever we want.
  • They are easy to clean, more than anything because their parts are removable and because the rice in this type of pans does not stick.
  • There are models with several floors in which it is possible to cook different foods at the same time, such as rice, fish, vegetables or potatoes.

With this we say goodbye for today. We hope we have clarified which is the best rice cooker in the market of 2020, thus helping many users.