The 7 best electric rice cookers for home in 2021

Preparing a delicious rice is easier than it seems, but you must take into account the proper procedure so that you can dazzle with your rice. To greatly facilitate the cooking process, you should have one of the best electric rice cookers for your home, such as the Russell Hobbs Cook @ Home 19750-56, which will always give you great performance.

However, choosing a rice cooker is not as simple as going to a supermarket and choosing whatever model you can find. There is a wide variety of options and you should choose one that fully meets your needs. For this reason, we have selected the best ones so that you can choose without fear of being wrong.


What is the best electric rice cooker for home?

Due to the wide variety of electric rice cookers that you find in the market, making a purchase decision is not as easy as it seems. For this reason, today we have selected only the best 7 electric rice cookers for your home, so that you can get one that fully meets your needs.


These are the best electric rice cookers for home after our analysis:

1. Russell Hobbs Cook @ Home Electric Rice Cooker 19750-56

This is a very high quality model, which has a very elegant brushed stainless steel design and a glass lid to supervise the cooking of your food. It offers a non-stick bowl that has a total capacity of 1.8 liters, which makes it ideal for 10 servings of rice at the same time.

It also provides a tray so you can steam all kinds of food, which will allow you to have a much healthier meal in your home. It has an automatic keep-warm function as well as an automatic shut-off function. Its total power is 700W, and it includes both a spatula and a measuring glass so that you get the maximum performance.

The opinions that users have regarding this model are quite positive, stating that “it looks very good and makes very good rice, but you must follow the instructions to get it”. They also assure that “it is great, and the device is responsible for cooking the rice until the optimum moment without going overboard.” It is a great option, and as it is made of brushed steel, it is highly durable and resistant to the passage of time.


2. Solis Rice Coocker Duo Program Type 817 Electric Rice Cooker

It is one of the best options that you will find in the market, and that allows you to cook up to 4 cups of rice in a fast way with restaurant quality. This model does not need you to stir it during the process, and the spices can be added directly. It is perfect for cooking any type of rice you want to prepare, achieving the expected results.

In addition, it has the function of steamer, which allows you to steam at the same time that you are cooking your rice. It has a timer function from 1 to 15 hours, and has an automatic shutdown system after 10 hours. It offers the possibility of heating the rice, and some of its parts can be placed in the dishwasher quite comfortably. No ingredient will stick, thanks to the fact that it has a non-stick coating so cooking will be easier.

The opinions of this model by users are quite good, stating that it is a model “easy to use and that it will give you good results”. They also ensure that “this rice cooker offers you many possibilities to cook, as long as the instructions to use it are followed with total precision.” It is a model that has a very good value for money, and that allows you to keep the rice perfectly warm for hours.


3.Princess 271950 Electric Rice Cooker

If you are looking for a high capacity electric rice cooker this will undoubtedly be a great option for you, because it has a total capacity of 1.8 liters. This will allow you to perfectly cook up to 10 servings of rice at the same time, making it ideal for large families. It has a protection system against overheating so that it will not boil dry.

It also offers the ability to keep rice warm for hours thanks to its keep warm function. It has a spoon, measurer, and spatula so you can start using it right away. It has a light indicator that will tell you when it is working. It is a model with a high power of 700W, which allows you a fairly efficient cooking of rice.

This model has very good opinions from users, who affirm that “it is a very good rice cooker as long as rice is prepared for several people”. In addition, they emphasize that “it works quite well, and makes the rice like a restaurant without having to worry about anything at all.” However, it is a large device so you must have enough space to store it.


4.Black & Decker RC1860 Electric Rice Cooker

It is a high quality rice cooker, which has a capacity of 1.8 liters, which makes it ideal for several servings of rice. In any case, it is made of stainless steel so that it can have the greatest possible durability. Its handles are totally cold to the touch, which allows it to be handled without suffering any accident in the kitchen.

Its total power is 700W, and it stands out for having a tempered glass lid so you can monitor the entire cooking process. It has a fairly elegant design that will fit completely into your kitchen and offers the steamer function, so you can guarantee that you will always have great versatility when cooking.

It stands out for its good opinions from users who have bought this model, stating that “it offers a steamed rice that is really exquisite and that is very useful, even for steaming vegetables so that they retain their properties”. On the other hand, they assure that “if the instructions in the manual are respected, the rice will cook in 30 minutes and with a great taste and smell”. This model stands out for its high quality and first-rate after-sales service in case of failure in your rice cooker.


5.Reishunger 1.2 liter electric rice cooker

It is a rice cooker model that is compatible with all types of rice that you want to prepare at home. It is very practical, especially because it allows you to keep warm, and automatically switches to maintenance mode when the rice is finished cooking. This allows you to have fresh rice for up to 8 hours from when it is finished cooking in a fairly efficient way.

It has a capacity of 1.2 liters, which makes it ideal for up to 6 servings of rice, so that no one in the family is left hungry. It also includes an inner pot, which will allow you to boil vegetables in no time. The rice will not burn thanks to the non-stick coating with a honeycomb design, which allows for proper cooking. It is very easy to use and has a very elegant design that will fit any type of kitchen.

According to the users who have bought this model they assure that “this is a very good product, and that it is robust and it is very useful that the power cable can be removed”. They also ensure that “it is a very easy to clean model and that it leaves the rice perfectly cooked and fluffy.” This is a great designed rice cooker that is very easy to use, as well as having great quality compared to other devices.


6.Oster CKSTRC4723-050 Electric Rice Cooker

This is a compact rice cooker so you can have a good capacity for your home if you are cooking for 2 people. This rice cooker offers a capacity of 0.6 liters, which will allow you to have your rice just right. It has a steaming tray, providing great versatility in your rice cooker so you can cook a wider range of dishes.

Its container is completely non-stick and removable, which allows cleaning to be very easy. Its refractory glass lid allows you to avoid overcooking food, it also has an automatic function to keep the rice warm once cooked. It has a power of 350W, and its price is quite low so that you have a rice cooker that completely fits your budget.

According to the opinions of the users who have bought this model, they assure that “it is a rice cooker that does not take up much space, and is perfect for 2.5 large servings of rice”. They also affirm that “it is great, cheap and domotized, in addition to avoiding making an excess of food as long as it is for two people”. This is a great option, to prepare your rice, and if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions you will have the perfect rice at all times.


7.Orbegozo CO 3025 electric rice cooker

This is an electric rice cooker that has a total capacity of 1 liter, which is ideal for most kitchens. It has a stainless steel design that allows it to have a great appearance and excellent resistance. It also includes a steamer for vegetables, meat or fish. It is a model that allows you to have a much healthier kitchen, and has a total power of 400W.

Its automatic shutdown system allows you to not have to worry at all about watching the rice cooking because the machine will take care of itself. In addition, it has a protection system against boiling dry, which will prevent the rice from burning. It has all the accessories you need to prepare your perfect restaurant-style rice.

User reviews of this model are quite positive, stating that “it is good value for money, and the non-stick coating is really good.” On the other hand, they emphasize that “it is very practical to use, because it will turn off by itself, so you only make it work and you completely forget about the rice cooker.” This model offers great performance, and is perfect for up to 4 servings of rice, as well as being very easy to store.


Which electric rice cooker to choose: advice from an amateur cook

Before choosing an electric rice cooker, you must be clear about some basic points that you must take into account to choose correctly. Among them are the following:



The capacity is a basic point, because you must know how many people are going to eat in your home so that you know how many liters you are going to choose the rice cooker. The capacities of less than 1 liter are perfect for 2 to 3 people, offering ideal portions in these cases.

On the other hand, if it is a question of families of 4 members or more, the ideal would be to choose a rice cooker with a capacity greater than 1 liter. Among the most common for the home, it can reach up to 2 liters of capacity, which is enough for large families where the portions must be adequate for all times.


Removable non-stick container

It is vital for cleaning that the container has these characteristics, because it will prevent food debris from embedding in the rice cooker. Many come with an inner Teflon coating, being cheaper, but without a doubt that the stainless steel ones will always be a better alternative.

On the other hand, there are some that come with a bioceramic coating, but their cost is quite high so they will not adapt to all budgets.


Steaming tray

Steaming is very healthy, so if you want to steam vegetables, meats, legumes or any other food, you should make sure that the rice cooker has this tray. Not all rice cookers have this tray so you should pay close attention to this point before buying.


Keeping warm

This is another important feature to take into account, because it allows the optimal temperature of the rice to be preserved until the food is served. Some allow the rice to be kept hot for up to 8 hours before being served, and without it losing its properties or burning.


Automatic switch-off

Many models have extra security systems that allow the rice cooker to disconnect itself after a period of time. This will prevent problems from occurring in case you forget to disconnect it and for this reason it is a function that will allow greater security at home.


Extra features

Some rice cookers have other extra features, which although they are not mandatory when you go to buy a new rice cooker for your home, they can provide you with great versatility. Within them, the timer and the texture adjustment are quite interesting features that you can take into consideration.

The reheating mode can also be a great alternative, because in many cases you prepare the food and before serving it, it is cooled. These systems allow the rice to be reheated without losing its properties for up to 24 hours after it has been cooked.

What is an electric rice cooker?

Rice cookers are also called rice steamers or rice cookers, and they are a device that allows you to cook rice quickly, comfortably and automatically. When making the rice on your own you can realize that it is very difficult to get it perfect. But, if you use these utensils it will be enough to put the rice, the appropriate amount of water and let it take care of everything.