The 7 best rice cookers of 2021: don’t miss out!

The 7 best rice cookers of 2021: don’t miss out!

Do you want to prepare an excellent rice, risotto or sushi? Now it is easily possible thanks to electric rice cookers! There are many models on the market, and some, like the ones I’m going to show you, guarantee perfect rice.

If you’re on a budget like most of us, I recommend Russell Hobbs Cook @ Home. It is one of the most complete, because in addition to having a non-stick and removable container that is easy to clean, it has protection against boiling, maintains the right temperature for a few hours and includes a steamer tray to cook other foods.

Take a look at this and the other 6 models that I propose and learn in this article how to get the most out of a rice cooker. Bring out your inner chef and surprise everyone with an outstanding meal!


My favorite

Russell Hobbs Cook @ Home

Power: 700 W

Capacity: 1.8 liters

Materials: stainless steel and plastic

Dimensions: 28.4 x 28.4 x 23 cm

Weight: 2.7 kg

Other features: removable bowl, additional tray for steam cooking, glass lid, spatula and measuring cup

I like

  • It is powerful and very well built
  • The lid is made of transparent glass
  • You can make up to 10 cups of rice at a time
  • Includes steamer accessory, spatula and measuring cup
  • It is highly rated by other users on Amazon


  • It has a somewhat large size, weight and dimensions if you are not going to use it to make rice in quantity


The English brand Russell Hobbs is one of the most powerful in Europe thanks to the large number of small appliances it manufactures and the quality of them. The Cook @ Home model is one of the best rice cookers for its performance, design and price.

With this rice cooker you can cook up to 10 cups of rice, which is ideal for large families or for special occasions. The bucket is made of stainless steel and best of all, it is removable and non-stick for better cleaning.

One of the things I like the most about the Cook @ Home is that it has a lot of capacity and that the lid of the rice cooker is made of transparent glass and you can be watching the entire cooking process without problem.

This is especially useful at the beginning, because, until you get used to the measurements and the cooking time, you will not stop looking at the rice so that it does not pass. Also interesting is the additional tray that incorporates to steam vegetables, meats and fish.

One of the main disadvantages of this model are its weight and dimensions. Its large capacity can also be a disadvantage, since if you are not going to make rice frequently or you are going to make it for a few people, it would be advisable to choose a smaller and more compact one, but this is only an opinion.

For the price that few rice cookers cost, you will find better than this Russell Hobbs.


Great value for money

Tristar RK-6126

Power: 400 W

Capacity: 1 liter

Materials: stainless steel

Dimensions: 24 x 28 x 20 cm

Weight: 1.2 kg

Other features: indicator light, removable bowl, automatic disconnect and includes spoon, measurer and spatula

I like

  • Incorporates protection against boiling dry
  • Has automatic hot food keeping function
  • It is available in several different sizes


  • The connection cable is somewhat short
  • After a long time, the keep warm function can make the rice rub off and stick to the surface


Tristar rice cookers have been in constant innovation since the company’s founding in 1977; That is why it is another of the benchmark brands in small household appliances today.

With an elegant design, this manufacturer presents a wide range of high quality rice cookers. Although it offers several different sizes, I am going to tell you about the RK-6126 model, which is the one I have used.

It has a power of 400 watts and its container, removable and with non-stick coating, has a capacity of 1 liter. It is ideal if you want a small, compact rice cooker to cook rice for 4 or 5 people.

Its exterior is made of stainless steel and has non-slip feet and operating indicator lights. To be able to distribute the portions in a comfortable way, this model includes a spoon, measuring device and spatula.

One of its advantages is that you do not have to worry about the rice overcooking, since, once cooked, it automatically switches to the keep warm function (70-75oC). In addition, it is very safe, since it incorporates protection against boiling dry.

The only “drawbacks” that can be put to this model are that the connection cable is somewhat short and that the maintenance of heat function can get the rice to pass and stick to the container, even if it is non-stick.

In short, it is a good quality rice cooker with an affordable price … what more could you ask for?


Premium quality

Zojirushi LLH05-XA

Power: 450 W

Capacity: 0.54 liters

Materials: stainless steel

Dimensions: 30 x 23 x 19 cm

Weight: 3 kg

Other features: LCD screen, multiple menu settings, programming function and manual in several languagesĀ  (Spanish excluded)

I like

  • Ultra light and compact
  • It is programmable
  • Dishwasher safe non-stick container
  • Japanese brand with a very good reputation


  • The instruction manual is not in Spanish
  • The price is somewhat high


Zojirushi is a manufacturer whose rice cookers are designed and manufactured in Japan. We all know that the Japanese country is one of the greatest gastronomic experts in the world of rice. Therefore, it is not surprising that when we think of a quality cookware brand, Japanese brands come to mind.

The LLH05-XA model is ultra light and compact: the total weight does not exceed 3 kg and the reduced dimensions mean that it can be stored in any corner of the kitchen. The first thing that surprises you is its interior capacity, which can hold half a kilo of rice in a single batch.

The design is very functional, as it includes a small easy-to-read LCD control panel and the menu settings allow you to make: white or mixed rice, sushi rice and brown rice, among other types of rice.

It has a programming function and its housing is as resistant and safe as the device itself. In addition, the inner container is non-stick and you can use the dishwasher to wash it, although I do not recommend it.

There are few objections, I would only put two: the first is that I do not like that the instruction manual is not translated into Spanish because you may need to read it; and the second, its price, which is somewhat high, although it is well worth it given its characteristics and quality.


Pretty and functional

Xiaomi Mi Rice Cooker

Power: 1130 W

Capacity: 3 liters

Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 30 cm

Weight: 2.7 kg

Other features: Wi-Fi, App control and more than 3000 cooking methods

I like

  • It has a very aesthetic and compact design
  • It is controlled by an App via Wi-Fi
  • It has many cooking methods
  • It has a steam cooking accessory


  • The European version only has 4 guided recipes
  • Does not include any utensils


The Xiaomi Mi Rice Cooker in its European version is a real hoot. It has a power of 1130 watts and a capacity of 3 liters, being able to make up to 1 kg of rice in a single batch.

Its use is very intuitive, since, through its screen and the mobile application (available on Android and iOS) you have full access to its functions. Thus, you can follow the cooking process, turn it on and off without problem.

This appliance is designed to cook rice, but you can use it for other foods. By working through Wi-Fi, you can put the ingredients in the morning and schedule it so that when you get home the food is cooked and at its proper temperature.

It has more than 3000 cooking methods and you can save the cooking hours as a “favorite”, although there are only 4 recipes to follow – I hope they will add more little by little.

It also brings an accessory for steaming, although I have missed some other utensil such as a spatula or a measuring cup.

Only the one I’m talking about is available on Amazon, but on Aliexpress, you will find other models with different characteristics … take a look and choose your Xiaomi rice cooker!


Small and light

Russell Hobbs Cook @ Home

Power: 350 W

Capacity: 0.6 liters

Materials: plastic

Dimensions: 33.8 x 26.2 x 24.4 cm

Weight: 2.88 kg

Other features: non-stick coating, timer, defrost function, keep warm function and digital display

I like

  • Small and very light rice cooker with LCD display
  • It has 8 programs to make rice and has 7-phase technology
  • Its container is made of stainless steel and has a double non-stick ceramic layer
  • You can choose between several colors


  • Just make three servings of rice
  • The lid is not transparent, so you cannot see the cooking process
  • You may not receive the instruction manual in Spanish


Now we are going to talk about the Reishunger mini digital rice cooker model, especially interesting if you require a small, light appliance to cook rice for a maximum of 3 people.

It has a power of 350 watts and has 8 programs to make rice, timer, programmer up to 24 hours in advance, temperature maintenance function and 7-phase technology (preheating, water absorption at medium temperature, heating phase, safety of nutrients, short water intake, and lastly the warm-up phase). With such characteristics it is almost impossible for you not to cook an expert level rice.

The inner pot has a 0.60-liter capacity and is made of high-quality stainless steel and double non-stick ceramic layer, which guarantees both the homogeneous distribution of heat and its resistance and durability.

It incorporates an easy-to-read LCD digital screen, which allows you to see how long the rice is kept. With this rice cooker you can also rest easy because, once the preparation is finished, it will go into keeping warm mode automatically.

Its main drawback is precisely its greatest advantage: its reduced capacity. Because, even if you are only 2 at home, I recommend that you opt for at least one model to make 5 servings. In case at any time you want to leave rice prepared for another day or you have guests at home.

I also do not like that the lid is not made of transparent glass and, therefore, you cannot see the cooking process; and finally, that the language of the instructions may not be in Spanish – when you buy it, the manufacturer notifies you of it.

It is available in many colors: black, red, white, pink, blue. They are very cool!


Efficient and safe

Adler AD 6406

Power: 1000 W

Capacity: 1.5 liters

Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 27 cm

Weight: 2.1 kg

Other features: class A energy label, removable bowl, measuring cup, keep warm function and indicator light

I like

  • Has a cool touch outer shell to prevent burns and accidents
  • It has two modes: cooking and keeping warm
  • It is safe to use


  • Cannot be programmed
  • It does not have automatic shutdown


The Adler AD 6406 rice cooker is very powerful (1000 watts) and has a capacity of 1.5 liters. With it you can cook a perfect rice in a matter of minutes in a very simple way.

It is another of the best-selling models because, in addition to having a very economical price, it has a class A energy label, thus being an electrical device that consumes little energy.

Its outer shell is cold to the touch, so you will not burn when touched and it stores and maintains heat very well. In addition, the inner pot of the pot is removable and has ample capacity, which is ideal for large families.

It is very safe to use because its safety cover has a steam drainage hole and non-slip feet that favor its use… you don’t have to be aware of it while it is in operation! Through the screen, you can view the status of the rice cooker, thanks to the indicator lights.

The worst thing about this model is that it does not have an automatic shutdown or maintenance function, functions that come in handy when you want to get home and have freshly cooked food.


Classic style

Oster CKSTRC4723

Power: 350 W

Capacity: 0.6 liters

Materials: plastic

Dimensions: 25.2 x 23.2 x 22.4 cm

Weight: 1.74 kg

Other features: removable non-stick container and steam cooking tray

I like

  • It is small in size and does not take up much space
  • Includes a steamer tray
  • It has a very affordable price


  • Maybe it lacks some power to keep food very hot
  • It is made of plastic
  • Does not include any accessories


With a power of 350 watts and a capacity of 0.6 liters, Oster presents the CKSTRC4723-05 model in red, as simple to use as it is compact.

Its design is reminiscent of the old pots of a lifetime. In it, you can prepare both rice and vegetables, meat or fish, as it includes a tray for steaming.

Its container is non-stick and removable thus facilitating its cleaning, although it does not include any accessories such as measuring cups, spoons or spatulas.

As against, I would say that it lacks a bit of power to keep food warm. Compared to other models, I have noticed the rice, after leaving it for a few minutes in the container, somewhat cold.

Another thing that I did not like is that it is made of plastic, because although it seems of good quality and resistant. In my opinion it is still plastic and I would prefer it to be made of stainless steel, at least some parts.

If you are looking for a small rice cooker, that does not occupy much and at a good price, the Oster is the ideal because it is a very simple model but with good qualities, which fulfills its function perfectly.


What is a rice cooker, how does it work and what is it used for?

A rice cooker is an appliance that automatically prepares rice. They are very safe to use because they control the heat and cooking time so that you only have to introduce the ingredients – usually two parts water to one part rice -, turn it on and choose the desired program (steamed, rice white, brown rice, oatmeal …). After cooking, depending on the rice cooker model, it will turn off or keep warm for a few minutes.

If you have never tried one, you will be surprised how comfortable it is to cook in a rice cooker.

The main advantage of this type of appliance is the comfort when making the meal. Not only because of the obvious time savings but also because the rice is made homogeneously and is kept for up to 24 hours in perfect condition. In addition, many models allow you to cook different foods: vegetables, potatoes, fish, and they are a very economical appliance, easy to transport and, above all, to clean.

Currently, they are a popular electrical device because it is used to cook rice, pasta, oatmeal and even sushi. In fact, one of the reasons that many people buy rice cookers is to be able to make sushi at home.


Types of rice cookers

There are different types of rice cookers. Here are the most common ones:

  • Electric rice cooker: it is the most typical. It has a thermostat that controls the temperature and a resistance that heats the inner container. It needs electricity to function.
  • Digital rice cooker: it is a variant of the previous one. It is a more recent model that has digital panels to control its operation.
  • Smart rice cooker: they are the best. They house a microprocessor that, together with the thermostat and the timer, control each phase of the cooking and resting process.
  • Industrial rice cooker: it is the one used in bars and restaurants, especially in those of Japanese and Chinese cuisine, as they are very large and allow to prepare large quantities of rice.


You can also try to get a traditional rice bowl if you are nostalgic.

Parts and accessories of rice cookers

Although there are many models on the market, all rice cookers consist of the same parts, which I am listing for you right now:

  • Non-stick and removable inner bucket or container. It is generally made of stainless steel, aluminum, and rarely ceramic; And they usually have brands to help you put the right amount of each ingredient.
  • Heating element: it is the main element, since, thanks to it, the water inside the rice cooker is heated and the rice is cooked.
  • Glass lid with ventilation, which allows not only to see the cooking process of the rice but also to release the pressure and maintain the ideal temperature, through its openings.
  • Insulating outer cover so you don’t get burned when touched.
  • Other accessories that can be incorporated are: on / off switch, timer or automatic disconnection, depending on the model.


How to use an electric rice cooker at home step by step?

Using an electric rice cooker at home is very easy and simple thanks to its functions. However, if you can’t find the instruction manual or want to know how it works before buying one, I’m going to show you the five steps you must follow when using it.

  1. Ideally, wash the rice well beforehand in another container.
  2. To use the rice cooker you must open it and remove the two trays that it normally carries.
  3. Take the inner container and fill it with cold water. The measure of water to use must be adequate for the amount of rice you are going to make. At this point, you should also add the salt.
  4. In the other tray or steamer basket, add the amount of rice.
  5. Finally, close the lid and program the rice cooker through its buttons or screen.

What is easy? Come on, now it’s your turn …


Features to take into account when buying a rice cooker

If you are already clear that you need a rice cooker, you only have to know those key aspects so that your choice is the most appropriate to your needs.



As you have seen in the list of rice cookers that I have shown you, the power of these devices varies a lot, being able to find from 300 watts to 1200 watts, approximately.

It is not necessary for the appliance to have great power for the results when cooking rice to be excellent. But everything will depend for how many people you want to cook rice. The more capacity, the more power you will need.


Capacity, dimensions and weight

Capacity is another important aspect, as you won’t need a rice cooker with an extra large bowl if you normally only cook for 4 people. You must assess how many servings you are going to cook on average and choose the one that best suits your needs. The normal thing is that this is greater than 0.6 liters of capacity and less than 5 liters.

To give you an idea, 1 liter of capacity will be adequate to cook food for 4 or 5 people, while 5 liters could prepare more than 20 people.

Both size and dimensions and weight are directly related to capacity. The bigger it is, the more capacity it will have. I recommend that you think about how much space you have in the kitchen and then analyze the models that I have shown you well so that you can store it comfortably and without problems.



Both the main structure and the removable container where the rice is placed are made of non-stick stainless steel so that the food does not stick to the surface and is easy to clean. In addition, it is a much more resistant material, which is why it is used for the manufacture of household appliances.

You can also find rice cookers in plastic or that combine both, stainless steel and plastic. This issue is also decisive for its cost to be lower or somewhat higher.


Features and extras

In addition to the function of boiling rice, you should look at others that can incorporate (or not) the different models of rice cookers.

One of them can be the automatic switch-off, which prevents the rice from burning because, when the cooking process is finished, it automatically switches off.

Another is that it has programmed. Thus, you can program it and have the rice freshly made at the time you choose. In addition, to keep it at the correct temperature (approximately 70oC) for a long period of time, generally about 5 hours, thanks to the function enabled for it.

Finally, most have other functions such as cooking, heating and steaming. In addition, to include some extra accessories such as spatulas or water or rice meters, among others.


Brands, quality and price

There are many brands that make rice cookers, but not all offer the same quality. If it is true that the rice cookers are of Japanese origin and that there are no machines the same as the Japanese ones. However, the prices are usually higher, as is the case with Zojirushi.

Other types of international brands such as Russell Hobbs, Tristar or Oster have rice cookers at much lower prices, but they are just as interesting as the previous ones.

When choosing the best one for your home, you should not be guided by either the brand or the price, but rather by the functions, materials and qualities of the appliance, because this will determine its usefulness.


Five recommendations to keep a rice cooker in perfect condition

Maintaining a rice cooker is very important, as this will extend its life and make it work like the first day. So I want to give you five basic tips to keep your rice cooker in good condition:

  1. If the pot does not have a steamer function, use it only for cooking rice, otherwise it may spoil.
  2. Don’t use metal spoons or spatulas to stir the rice. Ideally, they should be plastic or wooden utensils; but, if they are the ones that the manufacturer includes, much better.
  3. Always use it with its lid. Sometimes the mistake of operating it without the lid is made, remember that it is not a normal pot and not a frying pan, read the instructions and use the rice cooker correctly to avoid any mishap.
  4. Do not wash the rice in the pot, it is best to take a separate container and introduce the clean ingredient when you want to cook it.
  5. Take good care of the inside of the rice cooker and avoid any blows. When cleaning it, make sure it is unplugged and use soft and damp cloths, no dishwasher or metal sponges.