The 7 best rice cookers of 2021: in-depth analysis

In its range, nothing to point out

If you are one of those who does not want to be constantly looking at the manual to see how everything should be done, if you want simplicity at a good price, this Tristar rice cooker will hardly disappoint you.

You can even find it for less than 20 euros in online stores like Amazon, a price that honestly amazes me. Other almost identical models from other brands with much less capacity are worth more.

Speaking of capacity, the Tristar electric rice cooker is 1L, which would make about 5 servings.

Made of stainless steel, including the exterior, which surely makes it more durable and easy to clean.

Its design is the classic one: the round body, the glass lid, a single button to turn on and two lights, one indicating that it is in cooking mode and the other in keeping warm mode.

I said, simplicity at a good price, you can’t ask for more.


Zojirushi NS-TSQ10, for the hardcore fans of Japan and riceA traditional traditional Japanese brand of unquestionable quality, at a high price.

What I like the most

  • The state-of-the-art technology that is incorporated

What i like least

  • The price, really high


Here I have taken a turn of the wheel. I was going to follow an order with a certain logic; first the most classic models and then the most modern bets, but to add a bit of life to the article and so you can see that I have thoroughly gotten into the subject, I bring you a model for the absolute fans of rice, sushi and Japan.

Zojirushi is a traditional Japanese brand very popular in the Japanese market, one of the favorites when it comes to buying Japanese rice cookers.

Of course, the prices of Zojirushi rice cookers are high, in fact, the model that I am going to comment on is for sale on Amazon for more than 200 euros.

In return you get a rice cooker with the latest in Fuzzy Logic technology (fuzzy logic in Spanish) which in essence means that the rice will always be just how you want it.

The design is very modern too, it reminds me of a small spaceship.

I agree with those who think that this rice cooker is not for everyone, this rice cooker is for those who have a special relationship with rice.

Do you like this rice cooker? Do not stop reading the analysis we made of the Japanese rice cooker Zojirushi.


Arendo 302529, a modern touch without losing simplicity

A more modern aesthetic without abandoning the simplicity of operation of the classic models.

What I like the most

  • Its design, very sober and a bit elegant

What i like least

  • Various comments on issues with the on / off button, although fixed quickly.


Another model of rice cooker with a more modern aesthetic, we would say technological, but that does not lose the simplicity of operation of classic models.

Could it be said that it is the same dog with a different collar if we compare it with the Tristar? Hmm … no, no, its operation is similar (turn the power button down and that’s it), but this Arendo rice cooker has a larger capacity (1.4 L) in the first place and it also comes with an accessory for steaming that works very well.

The way to open and close the rice cooker is by means of a button in the front area, something very different from the classic way of simply removing the glass lid of rice cookers like the Tristar.

Its price, just over 35 euros, is correct for the benefits it offers.

In short, this is the rice cooker for those who want to keep things simple, but want a more modern touch in their kitchen.


Adler CR6406, the logic of a simple button in a rice cooker

A model that can help to avoid one of the most annoying things about a classic rice cooker: that the water runs out of the top during cooking.

What I like the most

  • The connect and disconnect button

What i like least

  • Its design, which is very bulky


Adler CR6406 is an electric rice cooker with a capacity of 1.5 L and with an aesthetic similar to the Arendo model that we discussed before, that is, more on the modern side.

Comes with a container for steaming.

This model of rice cooker is on the list of our best rice cookers of the year for a simple detail: it has a button to turn it on and off.

What does it mean? Well, look, the models that I have presented so far have a button that you press and the pot begins cooking, once the rice is in, it fires and the heating mode begins.

What if you want to stop it completely, nothing to keep it heating indefinitely? Well then the only option is to remove the cable from the socket.

Adler CR6406 comes with a dedicated button to turn it on and off, so if you want to keep the pot plugged in, no problem.


Russell Hobbs Maxicook, the rice cooker for those who need large quantities

A rice cooker designed for large families.

What I like the most

  • Its great capacity

What i like least

  • Well, paradoxically, its main quality can become a problem because in some kitchens locating such a large equipment can be confusing.


So far we have seen rice cookers with a moderate capacity, less than 2 L, what if you need more? If among your plans is to use the pot for when you have numerous guests at home?

Well, it’s time to go for large rice cookers, like the Russell Hobbs Maxicook model that can cook up to 14 cups of raw rice and has 1000 watts of power.

Surely you know the British manufacturer Russell Hobbs, their equipment is of quality and at a price that, without being cheap, is quite balanced. In this case, that price would be just over 50 euros in online stores such as Amazon.


The Russell Hobbs Maxicook rice cooker is a classic model, that is, it has a glass lid, front button to start cooking and heating mode.

A good option for those who need to cook large amounts of rice, even for those who like this brand of rice cooker but really want something smaller, they have smaller capacity models that are very good, like the Russell Hobbs Cook @ Home model, that could perfectly be on this list.


Xiaomi Mi Rice Cooker, the most current (it will be seen if better)

A smart rice cooker that connects to your mobile.

What I like the most

  • The possibility of remote control.

What i like least

  • The limited information that there is in Spanish about the team could limit us from making the most of all its possibilities.


A rice cooker and steamer that you can control from your mobile, that and something more is Xiaomi Mi Rice Cooker. When you listen to it for the first time, everything is very interesting, when you think about it again, you ask yourself: Why do I want a rice cooker to connect to the mobile?

Well, because it significantly increases the control of what you can do, including activating it from the other end of the city so that when you get home the food is just right, because the application comes with some recipes (few) that can help you at first to become more familiar with the equipment and because if you are a lover of technology, surely you will not resist the Xiaomi rice cooker.

Keep in mind that it can be used to make recipes other than rice, for example even cakes. Its operation once you get the hang of it is very simple and its most minimalist design cannot be.

I must confess that although I am an unconditional of the classic rice cooker designs, I am thinking of acquiring this Xiaomi model, so when I have it in my hands I will review it on the web.


Panasonic SR-DF181, a cheaper option to Japanese rice cooker technology

A cheaper option to Japanese rice cooker technology.

What I like the most

  • Its price seems balanced to me.

What i like least

  • That could make the hob a little dirty when some water leaks out during cooking.


If you want a Japanese rice cooker and you also want your pocket not to suffer excessively, the Panasonic SR-DF181 rice cooker and steamer is an excellent option. It moves in a price range between 90 and 100 euros, an amount that I consider adequate taking into account its benefits.

It has a capacity of 1.8 L and like the Zojirushi model we mentioned before, it has Fuzzy Logic technology, which will adjust the cooking parameters based on many variables, so that the rice is always just right.

It comes with 4 cooking modes:

  • quick / steamed
  • White rice
  • Integral rice
  • Soup

However, exploring a little online we will find a lot of recipes that we can make with it.

Actually, now that I analyze it in more detail, I am no longer sure that my next rice cooker is the Xiaomi one, this Panasonic model is tempting me very seriously.


In short, what do you advise?

I will not be the one to tell you what to buy, but in my case, if I were someone who only wants the rice cooker to cook rice sporadically, I would buy the Tristar model, which is very well priced.

If you are already someone who consumes rice almost every day and you take it seriously (perhaps too much, as is my case) then the decision is more complex. I am between the Xiaomi and Panasonic models to get started in “modernity”.

What will you do? Do not stop telling me in the comments, I assure you that I will love to read you.