The Best Electric Rice Cookers 2021 – Kitchen Robots

Electric rice cookers are a basic part of the appliance equipment in every oriental kitchen, as rice is a common accompaniment to every meal, in the same way that in Spain we eat it all with bread. From Asia, this current moved to the United States, and from there to Europe.

If you have a kitchen robot, you will not need to buy an electric rice cooker, since most robot models contemplate the function of making rice with the same capacity as a specific rice cooker. However, if yours with rice is serious, and you want to simplify its preparation and conservation as much as possible until the moment of eating it, in this section we have proposed to analyze the main Amazon rice cookers in popularity and sales.


What is an Electric Rice Cooker

An electric rice cooker is nothing more than a pot with its own heating function (it does not need to be placed on a stove) specifically designed to steam rice automatically. Their appearance is that of an electric pot in the style of GM pots or even some slow cookers, and their main advantage is that they are very easy to handle. One or two buttons, at most, are usually enough to use an electric rice cooker without any problems.

Obviously, one of the essential differentiating aspects of any electric rice cooker lies in the capacity. A conventional domestic electric rice cooker can be around 1 liter or 1.5 liters of capacity, which can revert to between 12 and 18 servings of rice.

As they function as steam generators, electric rice cookers also usually contemplate the function of steaming foods that are not rice in a kind of 2 in 1 that simply implies the placement of a second level. In this way, at the same time that the rice is cooked, an electric rice cooker can be steaming vegetables without using extra energy.


How to use an electric rice cooker

As we have been saying, ease of use is the main advantage of electric pots, the reason why most decide to buy it. It is not a kitchen robot, inasmuch as it does not incorporate additional functions, but making rice in an electric pot is really simple, and one can even speak of an automated cooking, with excellent results.

To get an idea about how electric rice cookers work in general (although, obviously, each model requires the handling of different controls), nothing like taking a look at a video with an unboxing and a first use of one of these appliances.

As a general advice when handling an electric rice cooker of any type, we would say that it is advisable never to open the rice cooker during its cooking time, which can range from 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the type of rice used.

In the same way that they serve to cook rice, other things that can be done with an electric rice cooker are:

  • Pasta
  • Quinoa
  • Steamed vegetables

Of course, using the appropriate times, with an electric rice cooker we can also cook brown rice.


What types of rice can I make in an Electric Rice Cooker?

Although we have all fallen into the temptation of looking for recipes for rice cookers themselves, the best way to understand this appliance is to apply the rule of “less is more” and not try to ask it beyond your possibilities. Thus, although in the preparation of a white or spiced rice, flavored, an electric rice cooker can be a fantastic ally, when it comes to making recipes for “rice with things” (with fish, with meat or paella type, risottos, etc. .), a rice cooker is not the appliance we recommend. Yes, we can add chopped vegetables that require the same cooking time as the rice (carrot, onion, garlic, celery, cucumber, zucchini, green beans, etc.), or peas, sweet corn …

The main function of an electric rice cooker, as we said, is to steam the rice, just right, and to keep the rice hot without passing it, even al dente. For this, electric rice cookers usually have an aluminum pan with some type of non-stick coating, which, as it is not intended to “burn” fat at high temperatures, is usually very durable.


How to make white rice with an Electric Rice Cooker

To get the best result, we recommend washing the rice well before adding it to the pot using a strainer. To the pot we will add it in proportions of one part of rice to one part of water (by volume; for example, a glass of rice, and a glass of water) plus the appropriate amount of salt. When there are only a few minutes until the rice is ready, we can add a splash of sunflower oil and some spices such as parsley, ground garlic, etc. In this way, and without having to do practically anything, we will obtain a loose white rice with the electric rice cooker, perfect, to the point.

If we want to give it a point of flavor, in the water we can dilute before adding it to the pot a tablet of concentrated broth, a teaspoon of curry, or we can also infuse some mint leaves, add saffron, turmeric, bay leaf, etc.


Types of rice cookers that we can buy

We have proposed this page as a meeting point for all the reviews of types of rice cookers and specific models of the most interesting electric rice cookers on the market, either due to their high demand, or due to their characteristics. You can see the list at the beginning.

Well, as you can see, when it comes to buying electric rice cookers, there are many options that we can offer, not only depending on the brand or the price (in general, the prices of electric rice cookers are not very high, since they are quite simple household appliances), but mainly depending on the size. Depending on this variable, we have:

  • Small electric rice cookers, between 0.4 and 0.6 liters.
  • Medium size electric rice cookers, between 1 and 1.8 liters.
  • Large electric rice cookers, up to 10 liters.

If they are for domestic use, small and medium-sized rice cookers are the most suitable, and it will depend on the number of diners and the amount of rice that we usually serve with each meal. The 10-liter electric rice cookers are, obviously, for professional use in restaurants, and they allow you to keep the rice hot without passing it, which is even more valuable than at home.

But not all the rice cookers that we are going to see in this section are electric. The market also has a wide variety of models of microwave rice cookers, bamboo (for steamers), etc.

Electric Rice Cookers: User Reviews

Depending on the model we buy, obviously, we are going to have one opinion or another of our rice cooker. But in general terms, electric rice cookers tend to please those who use them for the first time, by the fact of fulfilling the function of leaving the rice at its point (once we get the hang of the proportions and the operation of the machine ) at the same time that they allow us to keep it warm until the moment of serving it, without implying an unwanted softening.

Of all the opinions on rice cookers that we have gathered, and which we believe can be extended to practically all the models, it seems important to us to highlight those of those who opted for models with built-in steamers, since the possibility of taking advantage of the machine in a Simultaneously in the healthy cooking of vegetables or fish, it is very interesting.

There are opinions of rice cookers in which, in addition, we are given clues about those possible “false” recipes for rice cookers, or additions that can give us a special touch when making steamed rice (without having to drain the water from cooking): raisins, chopped dates, walnuts, pistachios, etc.

Another detail that we have detected that is quite important for many users is the detection of a lack of water by the device. In many cases, the rice cooker emits a signal in these cases, indicating that we must add more water; other electric rice cookers, on the contrary, when this happens, they go into a rice heating mode (without cooking). It is not something to worry about when we have full control of the rice and water measurements with the electric rice cooker, but at first it may also mark our experience with the use of the rice cooker. On this aspect, soon, let us indicate the following references:

  • To make basic white rice, add 1 part of rice to 1 or 1.5 parts of water.
  • To make basmati rice, add 1 part of rice to 2 or 2.5 parts of water.
  • To make red or black rice, add 1 part of rice to 4 parts of water.

What is the best Electric Rice Cooker

The best possible electric rice cooker is going to be, in the first place, the one that meets our needs. It would be of little use to us to buy a large electric rice cooker, of more than 3 liters, if we are going to use it only at home, in the scope of a family of 4 or 5 people. That extra space can be a handicap in the long run.

But counting on the fact that we choose the model according to our daily rice consumption needs, it is true that there are models that stand out above the rest. Specifically, Japanese rice cookers tend to enjoy a high reputation, having specific programs for specific types of rice, for sushi, for the classic porridge, etc. They are not so elementary in handling, but since they are designed to be used by the great consumers of rice in the world, Japanese electric rice cookers are usually the most complete and sophisticated.

If we had to stay with this Yum Asia electric rice cooker model, with 6 functions (including slow cooker, yogurt and biscuits), touch screen, menu, etc.


The Best Selling Amazon Electric Rice Cookers 2021

Whenever we consider buying an appliance, it is advisable to take a look at Amazon’s best-selling product lists, as this is the reference store in Spain (and in the world), which can mark the sales trends of brands and concrete models. In addition, on Amazon we will find the largest real debate space established by real buyers without filtering the brands or Amazon itself, so that before buying an electric rice cooker, we will be able to know what its advantages and disadvantages are first-hand.

Therefore, to finish, it seemed interesting to show you this showcase with some of the best electric rice cookers 2021 in terms of sales data and popularity of the aforementioned portal.

Has everything been clear to you? Do you have any questions? If so, you can leave us a comment with any questions or concerns you want, and we will be happy to help you. If you are going to buy an electric rice cooker for the first time, there may be issues that you are not yet clear about, and that is what we are for.