Tilda Legendary Rice Pure Original Basmati Review

Tilda Legendary Rice Pure Original Basmati Review

Foods that are based on grain are some of the most popular foods worldwide. This is the reason for which grains are referred to as staple foods, and out of these foods, grains are the most popular by far. The relative popularity of grain, when compared to other staple foods, is not a matter of coincidence, so let’s see why this is the case.

The popularity of grain is due to its durability. Since grain can be stored without having to worry about it being damaged from impacts or similar damage, you will find that it is ideal for large-scale consumption. Couple this with the perfect climate for the growth of grain in the most populous countries in the world and its popularity makes sense.

Tilda Legendary Rice Pure Original Basmati Package

India and China, the only two countries in the world with nearly 1.5 billion inhabitants each, base their cuisine on rice, which is a grain. When almost half of the world's population resides in countries where rice is the main dish, you can see why rice is consumed by so many people worldwide.

Rice shares the same durable characteristics as other grains since it is relatively difficult to damage in its uncooked form since the grains are so small and hard. Since there is little to a rice grain, even if it is damaged by impact, its flavor will not change when it is cooked.

Today, we are going to be reviewing one of our favorite types of rice: Tilda Legendary’s Basmati rice. Many of our readers have been requesting this review for some time, and we are now finally able to get around to it. Before our review, however, let’s look at what you want to search for in the best rice.


One of the most important things to look for when you are shopping for rice is obviously the flavor. If you don't like the taste of your rice, it is unlikely that you will end up repurchasing it. It is entirely critical that you are sure that you enjoy the flavor of a particular rice before buying a ten-pound bag of it, of course.

While most people may not correlate rice with excessive flavor, you will find that each type has its own distinct taste that makes it more suitable as a side to certain dishes. Typical white rice, for example, works very well with roast chicken, red meat roasts, and other typical western recipes.

Basmati and other oriental rice, on the other hand, are better suited for cooking with curries and foods that are heavy in spices since they are better suited to absorb the flavor of those spices. Depending on your cooking skill level, you may wish to purchase a variety of rice types to complement different dishes.

Tilda Legendary Rice Pure Original Basmati Meal

Everyone has different tastes, so you will find that no single flavor is ideally suited for rice, but it is easy enough to tell when rice tastes wrong. Poor quality rice will have little flavor to it, and it will be reminiscent of cardboard (in taste, not in texture).

About The Product

Tilda Legendary Rice is known as one of the best suppliers of quality rice in the world. This particular product is a ten-pound bag of their pure basmati rice, guaranteed to taste better than most comparable rice varieties. Bear with us as we go over the pros and cons of this rice. Some notable features:

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    This rice comes in a ten-pound bag, so you will not run out anytime soon
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    This rice can be cooked in as little as ten minutes
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    Authentic basmati rice that has been harvested in the Himalayan foothills
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    Guaranteed to be gluten free and vegetarian-friendly
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    Made of non-GMO grain and contains no artificial preservatives or flavoring
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    Purity tested to ensure that each grain is a pure basmati grain


If you are looking for the purest of basmati rice that you will find, few products can match this one from Tilda Legendary Rice. Tilda's purity testing process ensures that you are getting nothing but the purest of basmati rice in every ten-pound bag of this rice that you decide to purchase.

Speaking of the size, ten pounds is typically enough to last over three months in our household so that you will be stocked up for all of your basmati needs. This is a very inclusive brand of rice, as well, considering that it is GMO free, gluten free, and inspected to ensure that it is safe for vegetarian consumption.

This rice features a flavor that is more defined than regular basmati rice, undoubtedly due to its purity. The flavor of this rice is perfect for complementing curry dishes, and it is so good that it can even be eaten alone. While other types of basmati may be a little too plain to make for an enjoyable meal alone, this rice is exceptional.

What Others Say

We also went over customer reviews and testimonials so that we could give you a better idea of how this product was received by buyers. Customers were impressed by the relatively short cooking time of this rice, and they also praised the smell of the rice while it is on the stove, and the taste once it has finished cooking.

Tilda Legendary Rice Pure Original Basmati

Source: tilda.com

There were a few complaints, but most of them were focused on the same topic, which can’t be changed. The price of this rice was the main point of contention, but it is understandable when you consider that this rice was grown in the Himalayan Foothills.

Buying Advice

As we just mentioned, this is one of the more expensive varieties of basmati rice that you will come across, but it is well worth the price. You can typically find a ten-pound bag of this rice available online for around 25 dollars.


We hope that our review of Tilda's Original Basmati was able to help you decide whether or not you want it. Feel free to let us know what you think of this rice in the comments below.

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